May 6, 2011

BasKeTbaLL StOrY~

I sat across the field,
As i looked at u,
U were bouncing ur ball,
Looking so strong n tall.

As everyone was cheering,
I was at one corner,
Like a mouse peeping,
The secret love of her life.

The ball rolled to me,
As it is knew it was me,
Urs I shud be,
U stealing my heart.

U asked for the ball,
As I walk towards u,
U touched my hands,
As i gave u the ball.

A small smile on ur face,
Made my heart stop for days,
Ur whisper was the music to my ear,
U have stolen my heart I fear.

As days n month pass by,
U knew how time was fly,
U realized the peeping mouse,
Needed u n ur trust.

U quit the game,
U stop the game,
U said u loved me,
Nothing else comes between us.

I give u ur ball,
I want u to have ur ball,
For me, u r my all,
For u, I am ur all.

Like the star has the moon,
Like the sun has the sky,
Like the ball has the court,
Like me n u...

hope our friendship never end guys..

lots of love::

~poem from MRSM's student (PERMATA edisi ke 26)~

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